A small business loan is a monetary loan for use in funding the needs of a small business venture. Flash Advance is here to help put your business on an upward trajectory by allowing you better access to the funds you need. While a bank may take 4-12 weeks to approve your small business loan and make the funds available to you, Flash Advance can get the capital you need in less than 72 hours. Where traditional banks are stringent on the status of your credit score, Flash Advance sees beyond the numbers. We understand that ultimately, it’s your small business loan that is helping to finance your dreams of owning and operating a successful business.

It is our priority to focus on the relationships we build with you, the business owner. It is for this reason that we are faster, more lenient and offer a more personal approach than a traditional bank. We think that the success of our business partnership hinges on the experience we provide for you. In short, the success of your business is at the heart of ours

Why Flash Advance

It’s no secret that we are not the only business that offers a small business loan program for businesses in need of funding. Finding a lender that will not only work with you, but for you, is paramount to ensuring that you get the most out of your time and business. Our agents work diligently to ensure that your plan is tailored to your business’ specifics needs and goals so that you can be certain every dollar you spend is a dollar well spent.

Flash Advance is designed from the ground up to be there for you, the business owner, at every step and for whatever specific needs you might have. It is the job of our customer service representatives and account executives to make sure that your plan is built to help you achieve your business goals. At the end of the day, seeing your business grow is what we work for.


No Upfront Fees

Up to $500,000

No collateral

Flexible repayment

Fast approval

No application fee

No hidden charges

Not Personally liable

Good or bad credit

No bills to pay

Loans are offered by third-party lenders


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