As a medical professional, your primary focus is your patients. However, sometimes you may be met with the needs of managing a business, as well. Whether it’s securing finances to acquire new medical equipment or an immediate need of capital to repair a pre-existing piece of equipment, Flash Advance wants to help you finance your medical business so that you can focus on what’s most important: the well-being of your patients.

As a professional financial lender, Flash Advance has worked with countless medical businesses with their financial needs. It is our goal to make a custom financial plan that adheres to the needs of your business.

Why Flash Advance?

While there are many financing companies on the market today, the sought after staples of the great ones, the ones that will help you achieve your goals for your business, include experience, personalization and speed, all of which are cornerstones of Flash Advance’s approach to merchant financing. Below you can find just some of the other features that Flash Advance members enjoy:

  • Flexible Repayment
  • Quick Approval
  • 95{7a12281ca240fd92873fcc8a5c3a382ac14c38a296fe821d13c81803c6dd364a} Approval Rate
  • Good or Bad Credit Accepted
  • No Collateral Required

Through a variety of different services ranging from merchant cash advances to small business loans and more, Flash Advance works with you to build a personalized financial program that meet needs of your growing business.